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Our Company Andrew Swan

Welcome to SwanSoft Technologies

We specialise in software development and engineering for Model Railways and Cranes. Our company is proudly Australian-owned but we distribute our quality products internationally.

As a very young model train enthusiast, Andrew Swan - Founder, SwanSoft Technologies - longed to be in the Train Driver's seat and imagined the thrill the train driver would experience. 
What did he see as the world flew past him? 
How did he feel at the control of such a powerful machine?
These imagings continue to capture Andrew, even as an adult.
If only there could be more realism in the world of model trains...
If only there was a model train-driving system which enabled fellow enthusiasts to capture the fun, exhilarating essence of the train driving experience...

Then came the development of Digital Command Control (DCC) systems and Video Capture technology and the ability to bring those childhood dreams to exciting reality.

As wireless video cameras have becoming smaller, the ability to fit them into various locomotives, working with SwanSoft Technologies' cutting-edge system, has grown.

For Model Train Driving Systems of Train driver viewpoint realism and hands-on control of model trains. SwanSoft Technologies will not be beaten on service. That's our guarantee to you.

At SwanSoft Technologies, our goal is to continue to offer the best available technology throughout our impressive product range.

We love feedback from our SwanSoft Technologies' customers.
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Let us know how we can improve our products and/or service to ensure your continued customer satisfaction.
If, like Andrew Swan, you have your own imaginings about what might be possible in the world of model trains, ask us - chances are we're already developing it.

From all of us at SwanSoft Technologies - 'thanks' for visiting our website.

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